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Emergency Tooth Extraction Perth

Tooth extractions are a common procedure in dentistry, but they can still cause anxiety for many people. Whether you’re facing a wisdom tooth extraction, a tooth extraction due to decay or infection, or other reasons, understanding what to expect can help ease your worries.

If you are experiencing a toothache or dental pain, The Applecross Dentist is here to help. We understand that dental emergencies can be stressful and uncomfortable, which is why we offer same-day emergency tooth extraction services. Our team of experienced dentists is equipped to handle all types of dental pain and will work quickly to alleviate your discomfort. Don’t let a toothache or dental pain ruin your day, visit The Applecross Dentist for prompt and effective treatment.

What Are The Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to develop in the back of your mouth. In some cases, they may not have enough space to grow properly and then become impacted or stuck under the gums. This can cause pain, swelling, and infection, and the only solution is to extract the tooth.

Decay or Infection: If a tooth is severely decayed or infected, it may not be able to be saved with a filling or root canal. In these cases, the tooth will need to be extracted to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth.

Crowding: Sometimes, there isn’t enough room in the mouth for all of the teeth. In these cases, teeth may need to be extracted to make room for orthodontic treatment such as braces.

Trauma: If a tooth is damaged due to trauma, such as a sports injury or a car accident, it may need to be extracted.

Emergency tooth extraction perth

What Are Types of Extractions

Simple Extraction: This type of extraction is performed on a tooth that is visible above the gums. A dentist will use special tools to loosen the tooth and then remove it with forceps.

Surgical Extraction: A surgical extraction is used when a tooth is not visible above the gums or is broken off at the gum line. During this procedure, the dentist or a dental surgeon will make an incision in the gums to remove the tooth.

Wisdom teeth removal Applecross

What to Expect Before, During, and After the Procedure

Before Extraction: Before the procedure, our dentist will take an x-ray to determine the position of your tooth. They will also discuss any medical conditions you may have and any medications you are taking to ensure that the procedure is safe for you.

During Extraction: During the procedure, you will be given local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. If you are having a simple extraction, the dentist will use special tools to loosen the tooth and then remove it with forceps and in surgical extractions, our dentist will make an incision in the gums to remove the tooth. The procedure usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

After Extraction: at the end, you will be given instructions for caring for the extraction, including how to manage any pain or swelling. You will also be given some information on what foods to avoid and what medications to take.

Tips for Recovery After Dental Extraction

emergency tooth extraction Perth, The Applecross Dentist

You need to follow your dentist’s instructions and take all provided medication, also these tips can help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will be given local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth, so you should not feel any pain during the procedure.

The procedure usually takes about 20-30 minutes, but it may vary for each patient depending on many factors and the complexity of extraction.

Recovery time varies depending on the individual and the type of extraction, but most people can return to normal activities within a few days.

No, it is not recommended to drive after the tooth extraction, as the anesthesia may affect your ability to drive safely. It’s better to have someone to take you home after the procedure.

You should avoid smoking or drinking through a straw for at least 24 hours after the extraction and avoid eating hard or crunchy foods for a few days.

You should avoid brushing the extraction site for the first 24 hours after the procedure. After that, you can gently brush your teeth as usual but avoid the extraction site.

Not all tooth extractions require stitches. Your dentist will determine if stitches are necessary and will provide instructions for care if they are used.

You should avoid hard exercise for the first 24 hours after the procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding and swelling.

Some bleeding is normal after tooth extraction. Your dentist will provide instructions on how to manage any bleeding.

Yes, you need. Your dentist may book a follow-up appointment to check on the healing process and ensure that everything is going properly.

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The Applecross Dentist offers emergency tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal to people in Applecross. but our patients are from all over Perth and surrounding areas including, Mount Pleasent, Ardross, Booragoon, Brentwood, Alfred Cove, Myaree, Melville, Attadale, Bicton, Palmyra, Fremantle, East Fremantle, North Fremantle, Mosman Park, Cottesloe, Nedlands, Bull Creek, Winthrop, Salter Point, Lemming, Kardynia, Manning, Waterford, Karawara, Como, South Perth, Bentley and Kensington.

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